Audi Sport TT Cup makes world premiere

The brand new Audi Sport TT Cup has completed its world premiere this past weekend as part of the DTM festival at the Hockenheimring in Germany. No less than 24 cars participated at the inaugural race which was won by Marc Coleselli, a 21-year-old racecar driver from Salzburg, Austria. He was the first to cross the finish line after 13 laps, in front of Nicolaj Møller Madsen (DK) and Dennis Marschall (D).

Project Leader Rolf Michl declared after the race “This was a tremendous inaugural event for the Audi Sport TT Cup” and “The crowd saw gripping motorsport and we’re delighted about a second race being scheduled for tomorrow.”

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Dennis Marschall
Dennis Marschall

There were 18 permanent drivers on the starting grid along with six changing guest drivers who raced in the premiere of the 2015 Audi Sport TT Cup.  In the second race organized on Sunday, Dennis Marschall (D) took the win, managing to cross the finish line in front of Nicolaj Møller Madsen (DK).

In the guest driver duel between Tanner Foust (USA) and Toomas Heikkinen (FIN), it was the American who took the win.

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