Audi Sport TT Cup debuts this weekend

The inaugural race of the 2015 Audi Sport TT Cup is scheduled for this weekend as part of the DTM Festival. After twelve months of preparations, the one-make cup is about ready to premiere at the Hockenheimring on May 2 and 3 where 18 permanent drivers along with 6 guest drivers will battle on the races organized on Saturday and Sunday.

The organizers of the race are putting the finishing touches on setting up at Hockenheim while the drivers have already completed all the necessary preparations. Last Saturday they simulated a race day on the short version of the track and they participated in a free practice session, as well as qualifying and race simulation.

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Audi TT Cup racecar

The race weekend will actually kick off tomorrow at 13:50 with the free practice while on Friday the qualifying session will establish the starting grid for both races which will begin at 9:35. The fastest lap is going to be classified for round 1 while the second-fast for round 2. The first race is programmed for Saturday at 10:10 while the second race is Sunday from 9:40. Both races are going to be broadcasted live on www.audi-motorsport.com.

Adrian Padeanu

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