Audi Sport TT Cup 18-driver field announced

The 2015 Audi Sport TT Cup has named all of its 18 competitors which come from 13 countries and three continents. These permanent slots were selected by a jury that among others included Audi Sport TT Cup Markus Winkelhock, ex rally driver Sepp Haider as well as Le Mans winner Marco Werner. According to project leader Rolf Michl, there were 165 applications from 30 countries and the list has been narrowed down to 18 drivers from 13 nations.

The winners were picked following a multi-stage selection process and now the 18 drivers are heading to a fitness camp while the initial tests on the track are programmed for early March. The racing season will consist of two races at each of the six DTM events of 2015. Besides the permanent entrants, there will be six “seats” reserved for changing guest drivers while quattro GmbH is in charge of preparing and fielding all 24 cars.

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These are the 18 permanent drivers for the 2015 Audi Sport TT Cup:

Åhlin-Kottulinsky, Mikaela (S, *November 13, 1992)
Amweg, Levin (CH, *September 11, 1994)
Caygill, Josh (GB, *June 22, 1989)
Coleselli, Marc (A, *August 27, 1993)
Cypriano, Lucile (F, *September 2, 1996)
Hezemans, Loris (NL, *May 26, 1997)
Hofbauer, Christoph (D, *July 15, 1991)
Kisiel, Jan (PL, *July 14, 1994)
Landy, Sebastian (USA, *December 14, 1995)
Lappalainen, Joonas (FIN, *March 1, 1998)
Lindholm, Emil (FIN, *July 19, 1996)
Marklund, Anton (S, *December 9, 1992)
Marschall, Dennis (D, *August 15, 1996)
Møller Madsen, Nicolaj (DK, *March 10, 1993)
Önder, Kaan (TR, *January 10, 1997)
Peitz, Dominik (D, *November 20, 1991)
Rdest, Gosia (PL, *January 14, 1993)
Thong, Shaun (HK, *November 1, 1995)

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