Audi Sport teases six upcoming cars to be revealed this year

With the Audi e-tron dominating the brand’s news cycle over the past year, the Audi Sport division may have felt a bit forgotten. So it’s recently released a teaser image to help remind us all that there are some great RS-badged cars coming later this year. In this new teaser, found by Motor1, we can see six shadowy cars sitting in front of an Audi Sport logo, with only their illuminated headlights as indicators to what they might be.

It might seem a bit tricky to figure them out but once you think about what’s coming and take a look at their shapes, it’s actually not that hard. There are at least three SUVs in this teaser, potentially a wagon and a hatchback and one long sportback. The three SUVs are the Audi RS Q8 (far right) and the RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback (two middle cars).

The car that’s second from the right looks like it could be the upcoming Audi RS4 Avant Facelift, as it seems to have a long roof and roof rails but isn’t as tall as an SUV. It also seems to have the same headlights as the new A4 Facelift. We’re interested to see the next-gen RS4 Avant and how its performance may have improved over the current car, given all of its new competitors are faster.

The car all the way on the left also seems to be a wagon of some sort and, judging by its headlights, seems to be an Audi RS6 Avant. That we’re very excited about as it will likely be the fastest car in the Audi Sport lineup that isn’t an R8. It’s going to be packing the brand’s newest 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 with over 600 hp, potentially even around 650 hp. So expect that to be a monster.

Second from the left, the car we see has similar taillights as the car to its left, what we think is the RS6, but it’s low and sleek. So we’re assuming that’s the Audi RS7 Sportback. That could be the most powerful Audi product ever made, if rumors are correct. It’s said that Audi Sport is considering a hybrid powertrain option for the RS7 that could reach nearly 700 hp, like the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid.

Audi RS6 Avant
Audi RS6 Avant

This teaser proves we have a lot to be excited about in the very near future. Audi is going to be unveiling at least six new high-performance models in just the next few months. Hopefully, some of those cars make it to the US market. We think cars like the RS7, RS Q8 and RS3 will make it ‘Stateside but doubtful about the others.

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