Audi Sport replaced V8 with Turbo Four-Cylinder Engine for DTM

The current engine used in the Audi RS5 DTM race car is a naturally-aspirated V8 and a fan-favorite for its power, noise and charismatic nature. However, it’s also getting quite old and Audi Sport needed to make a change. So it’s gone and developed a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine to replace the old V8. That might not sound sexy until you see just how powerful it is.

This new engine is a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder with direct-injection that makes 610 hp. That’s right, a turbo-four that makes over 600 hp. It’s also very light, half the weight of the outgoing V8 in fact, at just 85 kg (187 lbs). So it helps the front end of the RS5 DTM lose some weight while also adding another 100 horsepower or so.

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“Our drivers were totally thrilled right in the first test,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass. “However, the move from the naturally aspirated V8 to the turbo engine is not only important due to the additional output of some 100 horsepower. In the DTM, we’re now driving with a high-efficiency engine of the type we’re also using in many production vehicles of the Group.”

Not only does the new engine have more power and a higher specific output, it’s more efficient as well. “The specific consumption of the DTM engine is extremely low and now within ranges that used to be typical for diesel engines. In terms of weight and lightweight design – especially in the context of avoiding CO2 emissions – we’re pointing out a few approaches that will hopefully find their way into future road-going vehicles – like in the case of the first TFSI for Le Mans and the TDI.” said  Ulrich Baretzky, Head of Engine Development at Audi Motorsport.

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The new engine also has a “push-to-pass” function. So at the flip of a switch, a bypass in the fuel flow restrictor (FFR) can allow for an additional boost of fuel temporarily that will add 30 hp. This is designed to add some extra grunt for a quick passing maneuver.

So fans might be sad to see the older free-breathing V8 go. But as glorious as that engine was to listen to, this new turbo-four is more powerful, lighter, more efficient, more high-tech and just a better overall racing engine. Out with the old, in with the new.

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