Audi Sport R&D Boss Confirms Potential American-Market Audi RS6 Avant

For a few months now, there have been rumors of the next-generation Audi RS6 Avant coming to America. These rumors supposedly came from sourced inside Audi and were spread by credible publications and journalists. So we believed them to have some sort of merit, even if they might not have been 100 percent true. Though, cautious optimism crept into our minds, even if it meant being disappointed later on. However now the caution in that optimism is starting to fade and we’re becoming genuinely optimistic about an America RS6 Avant, as Audi Sport R&D Boss Oliver Hoffmann confirmed its possibility.

The Audi RS6 Avant hasn’t been sold in America since the C5-generation. Wagons, especially very expensive, very powerful ones, just aren’t big sellers on this side of the Atlantic. Interest in them is growing, though, and Audi is recognizing it. Which is why the four-ringed brand is seriously considering bringing it here.

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When recently speaking to Car and Driver, Hoffmann said “The U.S. market is increasingly interested in real station wagons like the RS6 Avant. Therefore, it is entirely possible that we will bring it back to North America.”

Audi S6 Avant

This is huge news as it’s the first actual confirmation of the possibility from an Audi exec. Prior to this, it’s only been via hearsay that rumors were spreading, without any concrete information. Now, we have an actual Audi Sport executive claiming that it’s a real possibility for the Audi RS6 Avant to make its way ‘Stateside.

That’s not all, either. Audi Sport is planning a large product offensive, with many new models coming to America. “We are preparing for the biggest product offensive we ever had,” Hoffmann told C&D. Among the new cars in that product offensive will be the upcoming Audi RS Q3 and the RS Q8, two cars we’re very excited for. Though, neither of them will get much of our attention of the RS6 Avant makes its way ‘Stateside.

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