Audi Sport Performance Parts — Make your Audi R8 or TT look like proper race cars

BMW M is now running a program where you can buy what are called M Performance parts for your brand-new BMW. These parts can range from anything between stripes to new wheels to a new exhaust and everything in between. The program is actually quite extensive and it allows for some pretty interesting customization. As it turns out, Audi didn’t want BMW to have all of the fun. So it launched its own variant of the program, called Audi Sport Performance Parts.

“With the Audi Sport Performance Parts we are tapping into a new business segment,” says Stephan Winkelmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH. “Our wealth of experience garnered over many years of building sports cars is incorporated into every component we offer. Along with our expertise from motor racing, which is still the best test bed for volume production.”

At the moment, the program only offers performance parts for the both Audi R8 variants and the Audi TT (including the TT, TTS and TT RS). Though, while it doesn’t include the entire model lineup, the Audi Sport Performance Parts program does offer a lot of very interesting customization. If you have a new R8 or TT and you want your car to either look far cooler and sportier or you want it to performance better or both, this is a good program for you.

Sure, you could take your car to an aftermarket tuning shop and have them install a lot of cool goodies on your car. Hell, at a tuning shop, you’d have far more options and could go further with the build. However, the Audi Sport Performance Parts will be offered as retrofit items for your R8/TT or be available directly from the factory. They will also be fully warranties by Audi, so you don’t have to worry about some shady shop messing with your brand-new Audi. Also, all of these parts have genuine Audi motorsport lineage and aren’t just parts from some aftermarket company.

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As far as suspension and braking goes, there’s an impressive suite of options you can get. To start, you can get new brake linings that help with track use and they’re available on either steel or ceramic brakes. Plus, they come with ultra-light titanium brake calipers, which improve stopping power as well as reduce unsprung rotational weight. There are also additional brake cooling kits available, for extreme track use.

Two or three-way coil-over suspension kits are also available on the Audi TT and R8 and will seriously upgrade your car’s handling performance and dynamics. New, fully milled, black 20-inch wheels are also available and look sensational. On top of all of that, you can get some serious aerodynamic upgrades to make your car look far cooler than before as well as perform better on a track.

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On the inside, you can get a new steering wheel, covered in Alcantara with a red center stripe and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic shift paddles. If you’re really serious about track use, though, Audi Sport has developed a strut cross brace specifically for the TT, also made out of CFRP. It replaces the rear seats, reduces the weight by some 20 kilograms (44.1 lb) and enhances the torsional rigidity. The brace improves handling particularly when cornering at speed.

If you want to upgrade your Audi TT or R8, either from the factory or one you already own, then Audi Sport Performance Parts could be for you.

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