Audi to skip 2015 Super Bowl

An Audi spokesman revealed to the media this week they will not have any ads featured in the 2015 Super Bowl. It will be the first time in seven years when Audi will skip the event while Ford and Lincoln have also announced they aren’t going to air commercials during the highly popular sports event. Brands such as Kia, Lexus, BMW, Toyota, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz are expected to have ads but none of them have confirmed plans yet.

Last year, no less than 11 automakers had commercials during Super Bowl but it seems this year the number will significantly decrease, even though an Audi spokesman wrote in an e-mail that Super Bowl represented a “fantastic platform for awareness at a time when our brand needed.”

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Interestingly, TV & video analytics company Ace Matrix says that in the last five years car advertising represented more than 30% of all the advertising airtime during Super Bowl. They went on to specify that out of all 263 ads which aired since 2010, 49 of them (representing 18%) came from non-premium marques while 19 ads (7%) came from luxury automakers.

As a final note, Super Bowl XLIX is scheduled for February 1st.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.