Audi shows off the RS7 piloted driving concept

Audi’s very interesting RS7 piloted driving concept has been demonstrated at Hockenheim during the DTM epilogue. According to the Ingolstadt-based automaker, the vehicle completed the lap in a little over two minutes while travelling at “racing speed”. There wasn’t anybody behind the steering wheel as the fully autonomous RS7 tackled the circuit with help from specially corrected GPS signals sent to the vehicle via a Wi-Fi connection.

Moreover, the Audi RS7 piloted driving concept featured 3D cameras which filmed the road up ahead and worked at the same time with a computer on-board to compare the footage recorded with already stored data set in order to find out the best available path on the track to take.

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Audi hasn’t mentioned  a top speed during the test organized last weekend but they previously said the car is capable of hitting 149 mph (240 km/h) and lap the Hockenheim in around two minutes and ten seconds while providing lateral acceleration of up to 1.1 Gs.

With the RS7 piloted driving concept, Audi is providing a sneak preview of fully autonomous vehicles which are expected to be introduced sometime in the next decade. Various analysts are estimating that in a couple of decades all automakers will offer fully autonomous cars.

Adrian Padeanu

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