Audi shows off the Q7’s 3D audio systems

Audi has released a new video in which they showcase the second generation Q7’s highly advanced 3D audio systems. Their long-awaited flagship model is finally here and according to the officials from Ingolstadt it will establish a new benchmark as far as “in-car listening pleasure” is concerned. It was designed in such a way so that it can faithfully replicate the environment in which the song was sung in thanks to the implementation of a complex algorithm.

According to Audi, the system uses different sonic reflections and the aforementioned algorithm is capable of calculating a mathematical model of any recording room. The audio systems available for the second generation Audi Q7 use the calculations in order to play the sound at slightly different times for each of the speakers installed in the crossover.

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Audi Q7's 3D sound systems
Audi Q7’s 3D sound systems

The overhauled Q7 is available with Bang & Olufsen and Bose sound systems featuring four speakers which are installed a bit higher than the usual position. This location was selected because it grants a more accurate interpretation of the original recording’s spatial height.

The aforementioned Bang & Olufsen sound system packs no less than 23 speakers and has a digital signal processor with 11 channels while the total power of the system stands at an impressive 1,920 watts. As for the Bose system, this one has 20 speakers and provides a surround sound experience.

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