Audi shows off headlight technologies

Audi Deutschland has released a new video showcasing the various headlight technologies offered on the current models. The clip starts by displaying the LED headlights available on a wide variety of Audi models including the third generation TT while a more expensive and sophisticated alternative would be the matrix LED headlights available only on high-end models such as the Q7 and A8.

“The next chapter” in headlight & taillight technology is creating interactive lighting clusters and possibly working on other systems superior to the current crop of LEDs that will further boost safety when driving during the evening/night hours.


These latest headlight technologies have been implemented in the forthcoming second generation Audi R8 which will be sold as standard with LED headlights featuring 37 individual LEDs per headlight. Available at an additional cost, the optional laser high-beam headlights will benefit from high-intensity laser diodes providing an almost double range compared to LED. Each laser headlight will have one laser module working with four laser high-density diodes and a phosphor convertor which will convert the light from blue to white.

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Depending on the technology of the headlight used for a specific model, the design of the cluster is differentiated to set apart LED from matrix LED and laser.

Adrian Padeanu

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