Audi Q3 Electric Mobility Concept: Electric Longboard in Q3 bumper

One of Audi’s biggest markets at the moment is the Chinese market, so it must create new concepts and ideas for it. In China, many city centers are incredibly dense and packed, so much so that they make NYC or Chicago look like the Bonneville Salt Flats. So Audi wants to find a way to combat much of that congestion and to do so, the Ingolstadt brand has developed the Audi Connected Mobility Concept (let’s call it CMC) and debuted it at this year’s Beijing Auto Show.

Audi connected mobility concept

Audi’s Research and Development team in Beijing have created a lifestyle concept designed around sporty and multi-functional mobility, the Audi CMC. So Audi stuffed an advanced electric longboard in the rear bumper of an Audi Q3, so it stows away nice and neatly, that can be retrieved and used in a dense city center. The car’s navigation system will use its current route guidance to determine if it is indeed faster to use the longboard and if so, it will suggest pulling over and parking in the closest spot to then use the longboard. The Q3 will then send the new navigation guidance to the owner’s mobile phone, as there’s a nice little mount on the longboard’s handlebars for the phone when it’s in “Scooter Mode”, so it basically has sat-nav.

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The longboard is made out of carbon fiber and aluminum, so it’s incredibly lightweight and very strong. It’s probably the coolest looking longboard in existence and even has three different modes: The aforementioned “Scooter Mode” handlebar setup, in which the speed is controlled by a remote control by one of the grips. When the handlebars are folded away, it goes into “Sport Mode” and acts as a traditional longboard, except for that it can be controlled by the rider, via remote control. There’s also a third mode, which allows the board to act as a luggage transporter that a user can place heavy luggage or boxes on and the board will follow its user based on their smartphone or smart watch.The electric board is capable of about 12 kilometers on one charge and can do up to 30 km/h. That’s more than enough to get you around a cramped city center if need be.

Audi connected mobility concept


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The reason Audi chose the Q3 for the Connected Mobility Concept is that it was the market leader ofthe premium compact SUV segment, selling more than 70,000 units in China. So it will help attract potential customers to the Connected Mobility Concept, despite how unlikely it becomes a reality. This concept is awesome, but not very realistic. If it does come to fruition, though, it would be incredible for Chinese buyers.


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