Audi shows off the matrix LED headlights

Audi has released a video in which they feature how their advanced matrix LED headlights work. When running in high-beam mode, these headlights provide bright and homogenous illumination of the road and whenever there’s a car coming from the other side the system will automatically dim the light that would normally shine the other car while casting full light on the zones which are not affecting other drivers.

The matrix LED technology is activated once the car hits 30 km/h outside built-up areas and from 60 km/h when driving in cities and towns. It only works if the light switch inside the car is set to automatic while the high-beam headlights are turned off. The system can detect other cars thanks to a camera which scans the road up ahead.

The matrix LED headlights developed by Audi are made from five separate LED units which will be individually turned off depending on traffic in front of the vehicle as a method to avoid dazzling other drivers. These headlights also work as a cornering light by using predictive route data sourced from the on-board MMI navigation plus system which helps automatically shift the beam towards the bend before the driver turns the steering wheel.

Audi’s matrix LED headlights can work with the optional night vision assistant and whenever a pedestrian is detected in front of the car, individual LEDs will flash briefly three times as a method to alert the person.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.