Say hello to the Audi Shark Concept. While it’s not a real concept presented by Audi AG, it is designer Kazim Doku’s interpretation of the Audi design language in a future where all-wheel-drive and quattro have more to do with flight characteristics than tarmac traction.


In looking at the ultra sleek design you can see the LED lamps integrated through tubes across the front and rear of the….ship? While the rear of the ship picks up styling cues from both airplanes, boats and motorcycles.  Moving to the interior we find very comfortable looking yet sporty seats setting the driver/pilot in the perfect position to face the minimalist yet sleek dash.

For his design, Mr. Doku won the Desire Competition by Domus Academy, a design and fashion school based out of Italy. It would be interesting to think this is the future of the car industry, seeing this design only makes me ask two questions:

1. Does it come with a 6-speed manual?

2. Does it come with a flux capacitor?

vdt_delorean “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”

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