Audi setting up new paint shop at Ingolstadt factory

Audi is currently building a new paint shop to the north of its factory site in Ingolstadt. Work started a little over a year ago and now they are celebrating the topping out. Starting June next year, Audi’s employees will effectively commence work at this new paint show where they will start painting the bodies of the new A4.

Audi will inaugurate a new painting technology at this plant where the painting process is going to be carried out fully automatically by state-of-the-art equipment using robots. These will be able to follow the body’s contour better than now and will enable a more uniform covering of the paint.

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Moreover, Audi says their new paint shop will be one of the most eco-friendly in the world as it will operate with air circulation so 80% of the cleaned waste air is actually going to be returned in the system. Moreover, dry scrubbing process is going to separate paint articles from the waste air with the help of rock flour while all of the waste air will be cleaned of virtually all solvent emissions.

Work on the new paint shop started back in May 2014 and up to 300 employees have worked on the site each and every day, using a total of 20,000 cubic meters of concrete and 4,300 tons of steel for the structural work. When it will be completed, there are going to be around 12,000 square meters of total floor space where approximately 200 employees and 100 robots will paint the new Audi A4’s body. It will be enough to cover a third of the model’s total capacity of 2,500 bodies daily.

Adrian Padeanu

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