Audi to sell more electric cars in China to combat BMW, Tesla, Mercedes

At the moment, China is making a strong push for electric cars, as it tightens restrictions and regulations on gasoline and diesel cars. Reason being is that China’s emissions and pollution are getting a bit out of control, so they’re trying to make a change. Because of this, several automakers are pushing hard to sell electric vehicles in China, with BMW, Tesla and Mercedes-Benz leading the charge. However, Audi is looking to jump into this market and is doing so with the help of FAW.

FAW is a Chinese automaker that’s agreed to help the Ingolstadt-based brand develop five electric cars for the Chinese market. Aside from that, Audi plans on building the upcoming A6L e-tron plug-in hybrid for China, as well as the current Q7 e-tron. The only electric Audi sold in China is the A3 e-tron, but its electric lineup will increase soon. Audi and FAW will develop five more electric cars in five years.

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“We are starting the next phase of our joint growth path in China,” said Audi sales chief Dietmar Voggenreiter. “More than ever, our partnership is focusing on profitable, sustainable growth.”

China also just recently allowed Tesla to sell cars there, so the four-ringed brand will have to deal with the Silicon Valley-based brand as well. Although, we’re not so sure developing electric cars with a Chinese automaker will do the trick.

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