Audi says sub-A3 models won’t be sold in United States

Audi has announced United States will not be getting any sub-A3 models. This decision comes as a surprise if we take into account the segment of entry-level luxury cars is getting more and more popular but it seems Audi USA isn’t willing to go below the A3. Speaking to Wards Auto, the company’s sales & marketing chief Luca de Meo clearly stated “you won’t see us go down-market more.” As a consequence, the facelift A1 will not hit stateside anytime soon and most likely the Q1 due in 2016 won’t be offered in United States either.

In the same interview, de Meo said that Audi is working on several high-end cars and we know that one of them will be the Q8 while an A9 is also possible as Audi has previewed a range-topping model through the stunning Prologue concept unveiled a short while ago.

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Without any sub-A3 models, Audi sales stood at 182,011 cars in United States last year, representing a massive 15.2% jump compared to 2013. Globally, Audi shipped a whopping 1.74 million cars in 2014, up by 10.5% compared to the previous year so it’s safe to say everything is going quite well within Volkswagen’s luxury marque based in Ingolstadt.

via Wards Auto

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