Audi says “Recession? What recession?” as it ups marketing budget

Audi is certainly bucking trends lately.

With increased sales in the U.S. in a segment rocked by the state of the global economy and more name recognition over the last year than ever before, Audi is increasing it’s 2009 U.S.  marketing budget over 2008’s budget by a whopping 20%.  Part of the increased budget has already been seen my millions upon millions of people too.


Audi’s first big initiative of the advertising blitzkrieg rolled out during the commercial breaks of the inauguration of Barak Obama as President of the U.S. on January 20th.  Less than 2 weeks, football fans watched as Jason Statham took the wheel of the new Audi A6 3.0T after trashing a BMW, Mercedes and Lexus – similar to the commercial Audi released during the 2008 Superbowl showing an R8 somehow leaving the decapitated nose of a Rolls Royce in a guy’s bed aluding to the Godfather, Part I.

2009 Superbowl Ad:


If those two events, one of which was historical, weren’t enough; Audi provided the 81st Academy Awards with an army of Q7 TDi’s to usher celebrities to the red carpet. Audi has also hit more traditional advertising outlets such as paper media like newspapers and magazines while also increasing it’s advertising on the web – in some cases having exclusive advertising rights for the major events listed above.

Will the additional marketing allow Audi to continue it’s growth in the U.S. market in 2009? Maybe, it’s yet to be determined, but given the up’s and down’s of the car market right now, anything is possible.