Audi says they could reach two million annual sales objective by 2019

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler told Reuters the company could reach its two million annual car sales a year earlier than originally planned. Fueled by the introduction of new models, Audi is optimistic about its sales prospects and they might hit the 2M mark in 2019 thanks to stable sales in Europe and increased deliveries in China where some of the company’s main rivals have reported a decrease in demand due to a slowing growth rate of the economy

Stadler says they have “good potential” to hit the target ahead of the established 2020 objective, a fact which could help parent company Volkswagen overtake Toyota in the battle for the global sales crown. Last year Audi managed to sell 11 percent more cars by delivering 1.74 million units while in four of the past five years they posted sales increases of at least 10 percent.

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Rupert Stadler expects that the second-gen Q7, all-new A4 and the overhauled R8 to further boost sales, while the addition of other models such as the Q1 and Q8 will help Audi increase deliveries. He went on to specify that sales in January and February 2015 should be helped by the “very good” orders received towards the end of 2014, thus offsetting the weaker demand coming from Russia, Latin America and Japan.

via Reuters

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