Audi says no to a pickup truck

Audi will not be joining Mercedes-Benz on the path of launching a premium pickup truck. Speaking to Australian magazine CarAdvice, Audi’s chief of design Marc Lichte said the fresh styling language set to be implemented in upcoming production models would be hard to be adapted for a utilitarian vehicle such as a pickup truck. This means such a model will not see the light of production day in the foreseeable future, but Lichte didn’t rule out the possibility of an Audi-branded pickup truck entirely.

Audi Q7 pickup truck render by Theophilus Chin
Audi Q7 pickup truck render by Theophilus Chin

In related news, Michael Berchtold, project manager for the Audi RS3 Sportback, told CarAdvice that RS versions of the Q5 and Q7 crossovers could be made one day since these projects make sense, but they haven’t taken a decision about the two. He went on to specify there isn’t going to be an RS model equipped with a diesel engine, even though the SQ5 is a success for Audi.

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via caradvice.com.au

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