Audi says all important models will be hybridized by 2020

Audi through the voice of its CEO Ulrich Hackenberg has disclosed plans to introduce hybridized versions of all important models within the next 6 years. Among all the alternative power solutions, Audi has decided to go down the plug-in hybrid route because they say such cars “meet all our customers’ expectations.”

Hackenberg didn’t disclose the identity of these core models but it’s safe to say he was referring at least to the A models. He did specify Audi is currently working on two distinct plug-in hybrid lineups, one for compact MQB-based models and another one for larger vehicles riding on the MLB Evo platform.

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The smaller hybridized ones are going to feature just about the same hardware arrangement as the A3 e-tron pictured here, encompassing a transversely-mounted 4-cylinder, 1.4-liter TFSI turbocharged gasoline engine that is coupled to an updated dual-clutch six-speed transmission delivering all the power to the front axle.

As far as the hybridized MLB Evo Audi models, these will have the electric motor mounted between the power unit and the gearbox. Interestingly, Ulrich Hackenberg went on to say that quattro versions using a hybrid configuration are being considered and most likely will eventually see the light of production day in the years to come.

Adrian Padeanu

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