Audi says hybrid RS with next-gen batteries is possible

Speaking with Top Gear magazine, quattro boss Stephan Reil said the next generation of batteries could be installed in a hybrid RS model. He also said that for the current RS3 Sportback they analyzed the prospects of launching a version with a gasoline electric setup but in the end they decided to axe the project because there were more disadvantages than benefits.

Stephan Reil did acknowledge that although implementing a hybrid system does enhance performance in a straight line, it’s not yet suitable for an RS model because it lacks the necessary performance when cornering and also it doesn’t feel that exciting. He did add that it could change with the next generation of batteries which will be smaller and lighter so these should be more suitable for a potential hybrid RS model.

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Until then, Audi has already confirmed plans to reveal in March this year at the Geneva Motor Show an fully electric e-tron version of the second generation R8. It will be shown together with the regular variant and there are some rumors that in a couple of years there’s even going to be an R8 equipped with a TDI engine while a downsized turbocharged gasoline engine is also in the works and will be out before the end of the decade.

via Top Gear

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