Audi sales in November up by 10.8 percent

Audi sales have increased by a significant 10.8 percent last month in comparison to November 2013. According to the Ingolstadt-based automaker, this past November was actually an all-time record for a single month after managing to deliver a whopping 146,250 units. Sales went up in all regions across the entire world, especially in Brazil where deliveries jumped by 163.3 percent.

As far as United States is concerned, Audi shipped 16,640 cars which is 22 percent more than last year and at the same time it’s the 47th record-breaking month in U.S, with the Q5 being the best seller after 4,184 ordered the crossover.

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Audi sales also saw a major increase in United Kingdom where deliveries went up by 21.6 percent to 11,295 units. We should also mention Sweden with a 20.7 percent increase, Denmark where sales rose by 12.3 percent while in Norway the German marque managed to sell 8.9 percent more cars than they did in November 2013.

We should also mention China (including Hong Kong) where Audi sales registered an 18.5 percent increase to 52,544 units. In Russia sales went down to 2,683 vehicles, representing a significant 22.6 percent decrease while for the domestic market sales went down by 4.3 percent to 19,901 units.

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