Audi sales chief talks about rejuvenating the brand’s image

Awhile back, Audi hired a new sales and marketing chief away from BMW, Hildegard Wortmann. Since she’s taken her new position, Wortmann has been working to rejuvenate the brand’s image and help steer it away from the infamous diesel scandal and into something more progressive. Something greener, more high-tech. It’s not an easy task but it’s one Wortmann seems up to.


Wortmann recently sat down with Automotive News Europe’s¬†Rebecca Eisert to talk about her role at Audi and what she want’s to achieve.


“It is a bit early to say, but I intend to create the legends of the future since the legends of the past won’t work in the future.” she said when asked about what she wants to accomplish.


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“The Quattro is a legend of the past, and perhaps the e-tron is the legend of the future.” she added.


One of the areas Wortmann wants to focus on is making Audi and its technology more emotional. Less clinical.


“We have to get away from what is cold and technocratic. We want to be more approachable, emotional, and more geared to experiences. This is about conveying modernity, progressiveness, an awareness of life and the spirit of the times. We have to rejuvenate the brand.”


She also spoke about her being the first ever woman on the supervisory board at Audi and how she hopes she can be a positive influence moving forward.


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“Naturally, when it helps you make a difference. I can see this in the strong signal that my appointment is sending out. I’ve received a great deal of encouragement from Audi employees. I would be thrilled if I could be a good example.” she said.


It’s an interesting interview and one Audi fans should read. It shows that the brand needs to move in a new direction and that Wortmann seems like the right person to help lead the way.


[Source: Automotive News Europe]
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