2020 Audi S8 Without Gasoline Particulate Filter Has A Proper Exhaust

With authorities across European countries tightening regulations regarding emissions, it’s getting gradually harder for automakers to develop big-engined cars that comply with the stricter rules. Audi’s solution for the Euro-spec S8 was to install a gasoline particulate filter (GPF), sometimes referred to as an Otto particle filter (OPF).

While this device reduces the number of harmful particles released in the air, it takes its toll on the exhaust system’s soundtrack, especially when dealing with a sports car. The differences are quite noticeable, as discovered by Auditography as he had the opportunity to check out the S8 in both Euro and non-Euro flavors.

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After doing a photo and video shoot in Warsaw, Poland with the Euro model earlier this month, Auditography recently traveled to Doha in Qatar to do the same with an S8 without the GPF. The variant sold outside the Old Continent is notably louder with a more raw exhaust note that suits the car a lot better without being overly aggressive.

Dressed in Kirsch Black pearl effect with a Saiga Beige upholstery, we’d argue this Audi S8 has a gorgeous spec inside and out. The glossy black trim inside the cabin might look good on camera, but those surfaces tend to be a fingerprint magnet and are usually prone to scratches. It’s nothing a foil can’t fix, although we’re hoping automakers will sooner or later switch to a different solution. At the very least, there shouldn’t be panels this large with a glossy finish.

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Of course, we’re nitpicking here. The Audi S8 is a multi-talented car with classy looks and a bevy of luxury goodies. It also happens to have supercar-like acceleration despite its hefty size and weight, while the understated exterior makes it somewhat of a sleeper. Well, if you don’t take into consideration the quad exhaust system, which is a proper setup as opposed to many of the diesel S models sold in Europe by Audi with faux tips.

Adrian Padeanu

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