Audi S8 looks great on HRE P40SC Wheels

The Audi S8 is a very underrated car. Everyone wants to talk about the Mercedes-Benz S Class, when it comes to luxury performance, but not many people think of the Audi S8. It’s a shame, really, because the S8 is a fantastic car. It’s incredibly luxurious but also incredibly fast and handles fantastically for such a big car. It also looks damn good, especially on these HRE P40SC wheels.


This particular S8 wears Ibis White paint and is lowered on the aforementioned HRE wheels. The wheels are painted in Satin Charcoal, which looks excellent in contrast to the Ibis White paint scheme. It’s also not lowered too much, which is good. A slammed luxury car is a bit counter-intuitive, so it always looks a bit dumb when people slam big luxury vehicles. However, this is lowered tastefully and the wheels look great on it.

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Audi S8 on HRE P40SC

The Audi S8 is an amazing car and it looks even better on these Satin Charcoal wheels. The Satin finish is also fantastic, as it doesn’t look too flashy. Luxury cars need to be a bit understated, if only a little, so the Satin wheel looks good, as opposed to a chrome wheel. Personally, I’m one who would modify an S8 at all, as it’s pretty much perfect as is, but if I were to put new wheels on one, I’d actually consider these HRW P40SC wheels.

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