Audi S5 Drag Races VW Polo GTI With 380 Horsepower, Racing Slicks

A drag race between an Audi S5 Sportback and a Volkswagen Polo GTI doesn’t make a lot of sense considering one has a V6 and all-wheel drive while the other packs a four-pot sending power to the front wheels. However, this is far from being your typical hot hatch from Wolfsburg as the supermini arrived at the drag strip boasting quite a few modifications.

With 380 hp on tap, it actually packed more punch than the Audi by featuring an additional 26 hp while obviously being much lighter. It wasn’t the only ace up its sleeve as the Polo GTI was equipped with racing slicks at the front axle. Eagle-eyed readers will notice the low tire pressure of the sticky rubbers, which was done deliberately to provide more contact area and thus increase grip.

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Don’t know about you, but a whopping 380 hp in a subcompact hatchback sounds pretty scary considering all that power goes to the front wheels. To put that number into perspective, the most powerful Polo ever built by VW was the R WRC Street limited edition with “only” 217 hp. All that oomph and the racing slicks couldn’t help the amped-up Polo obtain an advantage over the Audi off the line as the S5’s Quattro allowed the Sportback to take the lead.

Having to carry around a lot more weight reared its ugly head later during the drag race as the S5 Sportback lost the advantage it gained at the start. Not only did the speedy Polo GTI managed to catch up, but it ultimately took the win by completing the quarter mile in 13.02 seconds. Its rival from within the same VW Group needed 13.46 seconds to cross the finish line.

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Moral of the story? The drag race organized by Autocar India goes to show that with the right mods, David can beat Goliath.

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