Audi S5 Sportback Tries On Classy Vossen HF-4T Wheels In New Video

About a month ago, Vossen showed off an Audi SQ5 with a widebody from ABT riding on the company’s HF-4T forged wheels. Now, the same shoes have been fitted to an arguably far sleeker car – the S5 Sportback. This pre-facelift version of the current-generation model has the 20-inch version of the set with a silver polish finish. It’s one of the two standard colors available for the HF-4T, which can be optionally had with one of the nine custom finishes.

To showcase its latest project, Vossen filmed this predominately black S5 Sportback at Audi Pembroke Pines, a dealership in Florida. We’d argue the aftermarket shoes are a good fit for the swoopy liftback as they further enhance the elegant profile of the more desirable A4 Sedan alternative. This particular car has an additional upgrade as it’s been brought closer to the road courtesy of H&R lowering springs.

Getting back to the HF-4T wheels, Vossen also sells this set in 21- and 22-inch sizes and mentions they can be customized to fit almost all five-lug bolt patterns as well as a variety of offsets. In other words, you can fit these HF-4T wheels on just about every car you can think of, regardless of make and model. If you’re wondering about how much they cost, a complete 20-inch set is going to set you back $2,596.

Those in the market for a new S5 Sportback should know the base Premium trim rides on standard 18-inch wheels, with a larger 19-inch set optionally available. Step up to the Premium Plus or Prestige trim and there’s an optional Black Optic package that comes along with two-tone 20-inch wheels. These are the biggest Audi is offering for the 2020 S5 Sportback, but Vossen with its HF-4T set and other wheel specialists will happily bump that size if you want something that’ll provide a greater visual impact.

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