Audi S5 on Vorsteiner V-FF 104 Flow Forged wheels

Vorsteiner  is one of the best and most popular wheel manufacturers in the world, especially for German cars. The German wheel manufacturer has been producing wheels for German performance cars for quite some time now and has gained a very loyal following. Many Audi enthusiasts have turned to Vorsteiner for their wheels, as the German company provides some of the highest quality wheels you’ll ever see along with styles that fit Audis perfectly.


This particular Audi S5 is wearing 20×10 inch Vorsteiner V-FF 104 Flow Forged wheels, both front and rear, with a Mercury Silver finish. The silver finish looks excellent in contrast to the black S5, as it gives the car a somewhat subtle look. It isn’t too flashy and that’s a good thing. Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged line of wheels also provide a very lightweight, yet very strong, design that is perfect for the high performance nature of the Audi S5. The Vorsteiner V-FF 104 Flow Forged wheels “are made using an advanced flow forging process that helps to create an ultra-dense composition, allowing less material to be used to achieve a given strength. This helps to reduce weight, which can make a world of difference at the wheel hub. This helps us create one of the strongest and lightest wheels on the market. Additionally, it affords owners with the opportunity to pick a larger wheel diameter in size.” According to Vorsteiner.

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The lightweight nature of the wheels is obviously beneficial to the Audi S5, as it reduces rotational unsprung weight, thus allowing the car to handle, brake and ride better. But the immense strength of the wheel, thanks to their aircraft-grade T6-6061 aluminum, allows the car to remain safe while taking the beating that a performance car like an Audi S5 can give them.


These V-FF 104 wheels are non-staggered, meaning they are the same size both front and rear, so as to allow for the deepest concavity profile possible. This allows them to not disrupt Audis Quattro all-wheel drive system.

Overall, these are fantastic looking wheels that have a subtle, yet aggressive look, much like the Audi S5 itself, are incredibly strong and durable and also incredibly light. This makes the Vorsteiner V-FF104 Flow Forged wheels a great buy for anyone who has a modern Audi performance car.

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