SPIED: Audi S5 Cabriolet caught testing at the Nurburgring

We’ve been awaiting the next-generation Audi A5/S5 for some time now, as we’re exciting to see how it’s improved after seeing the wonderful improvement of the new Audi A4. The A5/S5 will ride on the same new MLB platform as the A4, making it lighter, stiffer and sharper than the current generation. It will also have the same engine and transmission options, making it faster as well.

The next-gen Audi S5 will likely be getting the same turbocharged 3.0 liter V6 as the Audi S4 and will likely only have the ZF eight-speed auto as its only gearbox option. In terms of styling, it’s probably going to follow the same evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, styling change as the Audi A4/S4. It will wear the same new face and have the same new taillights, which is a very good thing. The interior should be the same as well, also a very good thing. But we still haven’t really seen anything of the A5 or S5 just yet. Until now, that is.

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2017 Audi S5
2017 Audi S5

Some recent spy shots have popped up, of the Audi S5 running around the Nurburgring. However, this spied model is the Cabriolet. We don’t have the spy shots ourselves, but you can find them here. This upcoming Audi S5 Cabrio is clearly still staying with the soft-top roof option, a good choice by Audi as it keeps weight and complexity down. It also seems to very clearly follow the Audi A4/S4’s styling cues, as we expected. This particular car’s quad exhaust pipes and bigger wheels indicate that this is the S5 model and not the standard A5. But the front-end is too heavily camouflaged to make much out.

Overall, we’re excited to see what the Audi A5/S5 ends up looking like, because the new A4/S4 is much improved and the A5 is already such a good looking car. Any improvements could¬†send it over the top and make it one of the best looking coupes on the market.

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