Check Out This Potential Audi RSQ6 e-tron Render

Yesterday, we learned of a recent patent filing from Audi for the “RSQ6” name, which would suggest that the brand is looking to make a proper performance variant of the upcoming Q6 e-tron SUV. The news isn’t particularly surprising, as Audi Sport recently claimed it planned to build several new performance EVs. However, seeing the patent filing did make it feel real.


To get an idea of what an Audi RSQ6 e-tron could look like, Motor.es made this new render, based on spy photos of the Q6 e-tron and some of the design cues from the A6 e-tron Concept.

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We know the Audi Q6 e-tron and A6 e-tron will be built on the same all-electric PPE architecture, which is why they’ll share some design elements. You can see that in this new render.


Motor.es seems to have combined the body shape from the Q6 e-tron test mule we’ve seen in spy photos with the face of the A6 e-tron Concept. While it might not be an exact render of what the actual production car will look like, it’s probably a pretty good guess.

Render Photo: Motor.es


It gets a slim grille, sharp headlights, and large front air intakes. The latter of which likely won’t be present on the production car, as even the highest-performance EVs need far less frontal cooling than internal combustion cars. Expect some front air intakes, to help cool the batteries and the brakes, but those found on this render are likely excessive.


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We don’t know what sort of power any potential Audi RSQ6 e-tron could have, especially considering we’re not even positive about its existence. However, all Audi Sport EVs based on the brand’s PPE chassis could have around 600 horsepower, given that’s how much its current Audi RS6 and RS7 have.


We’re not one hundred percent sure an Audi RSQ6 e-tron is even happening but it does make a lot of sense. If so, it could end up looking like this render.


[Source: Motor.es]
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