Audi RS8 digitally rendered

Independent artist RM Design has decided to render a potential look for the Audi RS8 which is highly unlikely to see the light of day, at least in this generation. Among the big three German automakers, only Mercedes-Benz has a proper super sedan in the form of the S63 / S65 AMG duo, with the former being powered by a V8 engine while the latter gets a mighty V12. BMW has been toying around with the idea of an M7 for years but nothing materialized and according to various reports they don’t plan such a model for the forthcoming next-gen 7-Series.

Audi RS8 render by RM Design
Audi RS8 render by RM Design

It’s the same story in Ingolstadt as there are slim chances of seeing an Audi RS8 in the near future. The main reason why both Audi and BMW are not working on such high-powered sedans is because these models are addressed to a very limited crowd and it’s a though business case to build. Maybe things will change with the next A8 since Audi could decide to final grab some of the customers that right now are placing orders on the S63 AMG or S65 AMG at Mercedes-Benz’s dealerships.

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The next generation Audi A8 will be launched in 2016 or 2017 so it will take a while to see if there will actually be a more powerful model sitting on top of the current flagship, the S8.

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