Audi RS7 Sportback Fights Jeep CJ-5 In The Most Unlikely Drag Race

Other than having four wheels and modified engines, there’s not much else these two cars have in common. One was conceived to devour miles on the Autobahn without breaking a sweat while the other is a reputable off-roader. Nevertheless, these two somehow ended up racing each other on a drag strip. In one corner we have the original Audi RS7 Sportback while in the other it’s the Jeep CJ-5.

YouTuber Gumbal had the opportunity to film this rather unusual drag race between a luxury grand tourer and a soft-top rock climber, with both featuring heavily upgraded engines. The swoopy liftback had a massive 750 horsepower or roughly 200 more than the standard RS7 whereas its opponent packed a mighty 360-hp.

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Your guess is as good as hours regarding what powered the Jeep, but the CJ-5 was offered throughout its lengthy 30-year life cycle with plenty of engines. Inline-four, inline-six, V6, and V8s units were offered, but it goes without saying none put out that kind of power back in the day.

When one of the two cars on the drag strip has more than double the power of its opponent, you know who is going to win the race before it even starts. Sure, the Jeep is much lighter than the Audi, but it still can’t hold a candle to the German premium bruiser. The two were even for the first couple of seconds, but then the RS7 unleashed its wrath and obliterated the Jeep.

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While this sort of drag race seems a bit pointless, it’s harmless fun at the end of the day. The yellow CJ-5 a.k.a. “Big Bad Wolf” also went up against an old Ford Focus RS and Mustang on that day, because racing the RS7 wasn’t weird enough already…

Adrian Padeanu

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