See This Sinister Audi RS7 Sportback C7 On The Empty Streets Of Doha

When a new generation of a car debuts, most people tend to compare it to its predecessor and then rarely look back at the old one. That’s not what we’re doing here at QuattroDaily as we equally enjoy both the old and the new. We haven’t forgotten the original Audi RS7, and this new video shot on the empty streets of Doha shows the C7 generation of the high-powered Sportback remains a hugely desirable car.

Auditography is behind this excellent video shoot in Qatar as he had the opportunity to spend some time with the pre-facelift version of the OG RS7. You must have figured out by now that this Panther Black Metallic example was loaded with features. The sinister Sportback had ceramic brakes behind those 21-inch wheels and some nice Audi Exclusive touches on the inside where the red seatbelts and stitching contrasted the predominantly black cabin.

You know you’re dealing with a high-end car when there’s Alcantara even on the B-pillars, but people aren’t buying an RS7 for that. They’re buying it for its sleek design and heaps of power generated by the twin-turbo V8 engine. It’s also more practical than an A6 thanks to the liftback configuration and serves as the perfect substitute for the RS6 Sedan the company hasn’t been selling for years.

Sure, the new RS7 is faster, more powerful, and has more tech, but there’s no denying the original version still has a lot going for it. There is actually one area where the first-gen model excels compared to its successor. That would be the soundtrack, which is notably more aggressive compared to the new RS7 sold in Europe where Audi Sport’s latest RS models sound a bit muted due to the gasoline particulate filter.

If we were to pick between the first and the second RS7, it would be a hard decision to take as we could go either way. Personally, I’d probably go for the newer version since I find it a tad more attractive and without the tablet-style MMI sticking out from the center console.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.