Audi RS6-R Avant By ABT Looks Wild With Pink Accents, Aero Wheels

There are wagons out there, and then there’s the Audi RS6 Avant. If for whatever reason you’re thinking it could use more aggressiveness, ABT will happily dial Ingolstadt’s long-roof supercar to 11. Introduced earlier this year, the bonkers RS6-R will be a rare sight as only 125 cars will ever be made. We’ve seen Daniel Abt’s car with the funky wrap when the car was unveiled and now the Audi RS6-R is back with an even more in-your-face look.

Filmed by The19Tommy85 in Switzerland at the Sahli & Frei AG custom shop, this ludicrous Avant gets pink decals and the tuner’s wild wheels with the so-called aero rings. Oddly enough, it appears only the wheels on the right side have the aero rings, and these don’t have the same color since only the rear ring is finished in the vibrant hue. The huge RS6-R decal plastered on the doors accentuates this isn’t a mundane RS6, as if the wide body kit wasn’t enough.

Say what you will about the Audi RS6-R, but you have to admit it looks bold. There are even stickers revealing how much power the twin-turbo V8 4.0-liter engine delivers – 740 PS – with the conversion from pferdestarke to horsepower equating to a monumental 730 hp. The torque figure stands at 920 Newton-meters (679 pound-feet) – a number you’d expect from a fullsize diesel truck.

While we’re big fans of Audi Sport’s iconic dual oval exhaust tips, we have to admit ABT’s quad setup looks menacing and sounds absolutely devilish. It certainly suits the car’s mean appearance and further contributes to the sinister vibe it’s sending, even with the flashy pink accents.

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Wondering how much it costs? Sahli & Frei AG doesn’t say, but we do know from ABT the full upgrade will set you back €69,900 in Germany. Those optional 22-inch wheels are an extra €7,665 per set (with tires), and you can spend even more by getting carbon gloss inserts for the dashboard and seat frame covers.

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