Audi RS6 Avant will still survive despite growing need for SUVs

It’s no secret that the entire automotive market is shifting toward crossovers and SUVs. Unfortunately for us sports car enthusiasts, they’re just what customers want. So they’re what car companies focus on making. However, the folks at Audi Sport feel that, despite the growing demand for SUVs, they will always focus on the performance cars that matter. Performance cars like the Audi RS6 Avant.

“The RS4 and RS6 are still icons and they stand for Audi Sport.” Audi Sport boss Oliver Hoffman told Top Gear.  Though, he did admit that SUVs are going to be more and more important moving forward. “We have to strengthen our portfolio, and the SUV segment is still growing the most. There is high demand of our customers for these fast SUVs and we will launch the RS Q8 this year.”

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Upcoming Audi RS6 Avant

But the Audi RS6 Avant, in particular, is a performance machine that will survive the stampede of SUV models. “For me the RS6 is the icon of Audi Sport and we are still the leader in this segment. If you have seen the new one, it is a beautiful, powerful car. It is the icon of our brand. We are really looking forward to present this car.” said Hoffman.

Interestingly, Top Gear asked Hoffman if Audi Sport would add a rear-wheel drive mode to its cars, like Mercedes-AMG and BMW M now do. The answer, emphatically, was no.

“Audi and especially the RS models are icons regarding the Quattro drivetrain with a Torsen differential,” said Hoffman. “It’s a perfect drivetrain for sporty cars and you see, when you look at AMG and BMW, they now go more to four-wheel drive.”

He does have a point. Both AMG and BMW M were rear-wheel drive-based and now have all-wheel drive. Audi Sport has had Quattro from the beginning, so why change? He also took a bit of a shot at his rival brands and their trick ‘Drift Modes’.

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“For us it’s not necessary to have this kind of ‘play mode’. It is not needed for our customers. Especially with the sport differential on the back. It’s a sporty car and you can drift it in a perfect way. Drift mode is a nice gimmick, but it’s not for us.”

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