Photo Comparison: Audi RS6 Avant vs Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon Facelift

Just a couple of days ago, BMW launched the facelift of its M5 super sedan, giving the Audi RS6 Avant a freshened competitor. Now, the RS6 is going to have to take fire from yet another refreshed contender and this time it’s one that’s even closer to the big Audi — the Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon.


Because the M5 isn’t available as a wagon, that leaves the E63 as the only other performance wagon in the segment, alongside the RS6 Avant. Since we haven’t had the chance to drive either car just yet, we won’t comment on which is better to drive. However, we can comment on how they look.


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Up front, the newly facelifted Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon gets new headlights and a new grille, both of which are now further from each other than before. It looks a bit more rounded, a bit softer than before and certainly softer than the hyper-angular Audi RS6 Avant. Both cars look great, it really just comes down to which face you want to represent you; if you want something more elegant, go with the AMG, but if you want something with far more aggression, go for the RS6.

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In profile, things are much the same. The Audi RS6 has big, muscular wheel arches and sharp creases. Its wheels are massive and its ride height is low. It looks as if the business of being wagon is secondary to obliterating roads. Whereas the AMG is much softer, while still looking tough. Still, the AMG looks more like a fast wagon, while the RS6 looks like a performance car that just so happens to have a big trunk. The AMG’s wheels are much nicer, though.

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Out back, the Audi RS6 Avant looks as if it’s ready to shoot fire from its exhausts. The massive oval exhaust pipes, enormous trim and massive diffuser give it an incredibly angry look. While the AMG, again, is far less aggressive. Its square quad exhausts hint at some performance but don’t shout it. At least while the car is off, as its 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged, 603 horsepower V8 likes to shout. A lot.

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Inside, things flip-flop. It’s the Audi RS6 that looks calm, sedate and so typically German. While the AMG stuns with its gorgeously appointed cabin and flashy new technology. The Audi looks sensible while the AMG looks exciting. If it’s my money, I want to sit in the AMG everyday.

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Overall, both cars look great. Personally, I think the Audi RS6 Avant has more sex appeal, with its muscular arches and razor sharp body lines. Though, the Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon certainly has its own appeal as well and the much nicer interior (and killer wheels). Overall, though, I think I’d still take the Audi.


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