VIDEO: Can an Audi RS6 Avant Take Down a Tesla Model 3 Performance?

There’s no denying that Tesla is the king of YouTube drag races, especially the new Model 3 Performance. While the new high-performance Model 3 isn’t the fastest Tesla available, it’s the best performance/dollar value, offering supercar-slaying performance for Audi RS5 money. So can the much more expensive, heavier, more practical Audi RS6 Avant take on the drag race king?


In this new video drag race from Carwow, we get to see the RS6 Avant take on a Tesla Model 3 Performance in a series of tests. First up is the standing quarter-mile drag race, where both cars compete in three races to see which is fastest, best two out of three. The two cars are shockingly close and it comes down to reaction time and launch grip. Basically, whichever car gets the better launch wins.

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As for the rolling drag races, the Tesla Model 3 is untouchable. Its instantaneous forward thrust means it can accelerate instantly, without having to wait for a gear change or turbo boost. Admittedly, the RS6 Avant fairs a bit better during the in-gear rolling race but the Tesla still wins. To be fair, the Audi does actually come back and win, but it’s only after about 130 mph, so the Tesla would win every single real-life, on-road race.


In the braking test, the Tesla Model 3 Performance won yet again. It’s lighter and also gets regenerative braking, being an electric car, so it actually can stop quite short. The Audi RS6 Avant does well for a big ole wagon and gets close to the Model 3 but there’s just no stopping physics — the RS6 is a big, heavy car.

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All tallied up, the Audi RS6 Avant actually has more wins than the Tesla in this video but it’s hard to argue that it’s the winner. The Tesla is so much quicker in the real world that it’s impossible to beat. Is the Audi RS6 Avant more desirable and more exciting? Of course, it makes a great noise (outside of Europe), has a big practical trunk and looks fantastic. But if it’s performance you want, and only performance, then it’s virtually impossible to argue against the Model 3 Performance.


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