What’s the Audi RS6 Avant Actually Like to Use on Long Trips?

As car enthusiasts, we laud performance wagons for their ability to be both a sports car and a cargo hauler. However, it’s not often that we actually see them used as the latter. The hottest performance wagon at the moment is the Audi RS6 Avant, a car we desperately want to drive. But what’s it actually like to use as hauler of many things on a long trip? Top Gear recently found out.


When we think of cars like the Audi RS6 Avant, our minds typically tend to drift toward performance, speed and noise. While the RS6 can do all of those things and do them well, that’s not its main party trick. What is its main part trick, you might ask? According to Top Gear, it’s being comfortable.

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That might sound like a boring party trick but in the company the RS6 keeps, it’s actually a rather special one. Drive a Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon and your back will begin to hurt over many miles. Take a BMW M5 on a long road trip and you’ll struggle for space and comfort. However, use an Audi RS6 Avant for a long, family road trip and you’ll soon realize that it’s perfect for the job.


Top Gear editor Ollie Marriage took the RS6 Avant, with family and luggage in tow, on a road trip to discover that very fact. With the car packed with luggage and bikes fixed to the roof rack, Marriage headed off for hundreds of miles in serene comfort. His wife appreciated the comfortable cabin and the kids appreciated the quiet, spacious back seat. When you’re buying a six-figure super-wagon, you’re doing so because you have a family you need to haul around, otherwise you’d just buy a supercar. So for the family-oriented enthusiast, the RS6 Avant is perfect.

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Sure, it lacks the handling crispness of the BMW M5 and it’s not as much of a hooligan as the AMG E63 but it’s more comfortable and practical than both, while being 9/10ths as fast. So for an all-around, everyday performance machine that can be both your sports car and your family car, the Audi RS6 Avant is almost unbeatable.


[Source: Top Gear]
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