Audi RS6 Avant rendered after spy photos

It’s no secret that most Audi models look pretty similar to one another. It’s a lot of “same Bratwurst, different lengths”. So there’s a good possibility that the upcoming Audi A6 and subsequent RS6 Avant won’t look too much different than the current models. Yes, the new Audi RS6 Avant will wear the brand’s current design language, so it will look different and it should look quite good. These new renders show what it’s likely to look like, as it’s been rendered based on spy photos of the new Audi S6.

The render comes from Laurent Schmidt, who took some spy photos of the Audi S6 Avant and the brand-new Audi RS4 Avant, combined their design cues and added them onto the current Audi RS6 Avant. What you get is a render that could look a lot like the real car. Admittedly, the roofline, hood and shoulder line are still exactly the same as the current RS6 Avant, so those will likely change. However, the front end, rear end, headlights, taillights and fenders look spot on.

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Schmidt even created a video, showing what the current Audi RS6 Avant looks like with stock B-roll from Audi. Then, it shows the spy photos of the upcoming Audi S6, its headlights, grille and taillights. Those are then added to the old RS6 Avant, along with the rear fender flares of the new Audi RS4 Avant. This new render is the result of all of that.

Photo Credit: Laurent Schmidt

It looks pretty good and likely resembles the upcoming RS6 Avant quite closely. Though, expect the shoulder line, window frame and roofline to change a bit as well. It should be a bit lower, sharper and sleeker, as all new Audis are.

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There’s no official word on powertrains for the upcoming RS6 but expect it to sport the same powertrain options as the upcoming RS7. So it should get a twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter V8, making over 600 hp. It could also get a hybrid powertrain option, that packs the same engine along with an electric motor, to make almost 700 hp. The latter would be similar to that of the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid and has been rumored to be available in the upcoming RS7.

Regardless of powertrain, though, the Audi RS6 Avant will be a very fast, very capable and very usable car. So check these renders out and see what the next-gen Audi RS6 Avant might look like.

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