Audi RS6 Avant Online Configurator Goes Live on AudiUSA.com

When this new generation of Audi RS6 Avant first debuted, the biggest news surrounding it was its release in the US market. Never before has there ever been an RS6 Avant in America. We got the C5-gen RS6 sedan but never an Avant (wagon). Now, though, it’s here and we couldn’t be more excited about it.


For any enthusiasts who want to imagine what their very own RS6 Avant might be like, they can now head to the Audi USA website and configure one. Savor it, too, because it’s the very first time such a thing has ever been a possibility for Americans.

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There are a surprising amount of ways to customize your RS6. It has a few really nice color options, a few different wheel choices and a variety of different packages to make your RS6 stand out among the rest.


Of course, being the nerd that I am, I configured my own Audi RS6 Avant, despite the fact that I can’t come close to affording one. However, my personal RS6 Avant is as follows: Navarra Blue Metallic, 21″ 10-spoke wheels because it think the 22″ wheels, black leather sport seats with rock gray stitching, aluminum trim, the executive package, the sport exhaust and the Bang & Olufsen surround sound.

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At the moment, I don’t see an option to spec either the air suspension or the Dynamic Ride Control (DRC), the latter of which is typically optional and brings cross-linked hydraulic dampers. While the air suspension is more comfortable, it’s said that the DRC makes it handle and feel better. So that’s the suspension I’d choose if given the option.


Go have some fun customizing your very own Audi RS6 Avant for the US market for the first time and share your dream RS6 build with us in the comments section below.


[Source: Audi USA]
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