Audi RS6 Avant looks delightful with Mocha Latte paint

Rushinroulette Photography had the privilege of taking a few shots of an Audi RS6 Avant finished in Mocha Latte. Although some say that Audi’s design is in dire need of a refresh, seeing this facelifted C7 generation of the RS6 makes us think different as the high performance mid-size wagon still managed to look quite fresh and appealing to us and this design is certainly not becoming to look dated.

A new RS6 is at least three years away and we know it will be one of the first model to benefit from an overhauled look as Marc Lichte is now in charge of Audi’s design studio. As a matter of fact, the first model to wear his signature will be the all-new A8 set for a late 2016 / early 2017 release and then a new A6 will hit the market and eventually there’s going to be a successor for the current RS6.

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With a twin-turbo V8 4.0 TFSI pushing out 560 PS (512 kW), the RS6 Avant remains a very desirable model even after all these years, especially taking into account its stellar performances as 0-100 km/h takes 3.9 seconds while top speed is a supercar-worthy 305 km/h.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.