Audi RS6 Avant C8 Duels RS6 Avant C7 In Acceleration Test

Whenever the new generation of a car debuts, everyone is expecting it to be faster than its predecessor. That’s especially true when talking about performance cars, so we’re not surprised the peeps at Autoblog.nl have pitted the Audi RS6 Avant C8 against the previous-generation RS6 Avant C7. It doesn’t look like a duel per se as the Dutch folks just combined footage showing the speedometers of the two super wagons. Nevertheless, it’s oddly mesmerizing to see which one is the first to reach 190 mph (305 km/h) as both share the same top speed.

Surely the new one is faster, right? It has an extra 39 hp and 100 Nm (74 lb-ft) over the model it replaced. Yes, the C8 is faster, but only up until 155 mph (250 km/h) or so and then the RS6 Avant C7 takes the lead and keeps it until the end. The difference is small, but some will likely be disappointed to see the old one had the edge in the speedometer duel.

What happened? Well, there are a number of factors that could have contributed to the somewhat surprising outcome. For starters, the new RS6 Avant comes as standard with larger 22-inch alloy wheels and that has an impact on top speed. There’s also the matter of how accurate the speedometers are, especially since one has an analog setup and the other a digital display. Comparing the two velocities would’ve been more relevant with an onboard GPS.

There are other factors worth taking into consideration, including wind speed and direction, along with the outside temperature and the road condition. In addition, tires also play a key role when it comes to top speeds, so it would be wrong to simply say the RS6 Avant C7 is generally faster en route to its top speed.

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As a final note, it’s worth pointing out the C7 was the standard version of the speedy wagon, not the hotter Performance model launched later in the car’s life cycle. Audi will probably be doing the same with the C8, but this time around, the RS6 Avant Performance might be a plug-in hybrid.

Adrian Padeanu

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