Audi RS5 Coupe drag races a BMW M3 F80

The attached video shows an Audi RS5 Coupe participating in a drag race with a brand new BMW M3 (F80 generation). It should be mentioned that the M3 features a six-speed manual gearbox so the performance of the car greatly depends on the driver’s skills to change the gears in time. In addition, the drag race featured a rolling start and the M3 has a rear-wheel drive layout whereas the Audi RS5 adopts an all-wheel drive arrangement. It would have been a lot harder for the M3 to keep up with the RS5 if the drag race would have started from a standstill since it’s quite tricky to optimally change gears.

In terms of specifications, the Audi RS5 Coupe features a V8 4.2-liter engine outputting 450 PS and 430 Nm whereas its Bavarian rival comes with a 3.0-liter inline-six engine generating 431 PS and 550 Nm. The RS5 Coupe needs 4.5 seconds to complete the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) which makes it 0.2 slower than the M3.

As seen in the attached video, in the first part of the race the Audi RS5 manages to pull ahead thanks to its AWD system but the M3 eventually catches up the lost terrain and takes the win at a considerable distance. This isn’t really a surprising result since the M3 is a brand new product whereas the RS5 has been on sale for several years.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.