Audi RS5 Convertible Ruled Out For The Time Being

There are plenty of niche models in Audi’s lineup, but don’t expect the RS5 Convertible to be the next one. Autoblog had a chat with Rolf Michl, Audi Sport’s head of sales and marketing, about the 2021 RS5 and what the future has in store for the lineup. While the conversation focused on the nip and tuck and extra tech introduced with the mid-cycle facelift, the subject of a potential droptop RS5 came up.

It would appear the BMW M4 Convertible has nothing to worry about because Audi has no intentions to chop off the RS5 Coupe’s roof: “At the moment, we see that with the RS4 Avant, the RS5, and the RS5 Sportback we are matching absolutely every wish, so a convertible is not under discussion right now.” That’s what Rolf Michl had to say on the mater, mentioning these three RS models cover all the bases.

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As much as we’d want to see a roofless RS5, the truth of the matter is convertibles are a hard sell nowadays. We are actually surprised BMW is going to do a next-generation M4 Convertible – this time around with a soft top – and it will be interesting to see whether Mercedes-AMG will develop a new C63 Convertible. Speaking of the three-pointed star, it recently phased out the SLC roadster and is expected to do the same with the S-Class Convertible.

Getting back to Autoblog’s interview with Rolf Michl, he said the RS5 Coupe is the sportiest and most emotional of the bunch. He admits SUVs are all the rage nowadays, but the peeps from Ingolstadt are still seeing the coupe as an icon because “no other body style can embody power in a more design-oriented way.” We couldn’t agree more.

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He went on to mention Audi is determined to remain in the coupe business even if sales are not what they used to be years ago: “We want to stay within that segment. It’s not just about design; we love the way a coupe handles, thanks in part to the shorter wheelbase.”

Pricing for the RS5 Coupe and its Sportback sibling will be disclosed in the following weeks ahead of a market launch later this year.

Adrian Padeanu

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