Audi RS4 Sedan rendered based on B9 generation

Independent artist X-Tomi Design has speculatively rendered a hypothetical Audi RS4 Sedan. This digital interpretation is obviously based on the new A4 B9 Sedan, but it’s not known at this point whether the new RS4 will get such a body style or if Audi will decide to stick to the Avant variant. While the B7 generation had an RS4 Sedan, Audi decided to make the B8 model only in Avant flavor, but hopefully this time around they will offer both of them to suit everyone’s tastes.

Needless to say, an Audi RS4 Sedan would compete head to head with the BMW M3 and the Mercedes-AMG C63 / C63 S so it would make perfect sense to see this render come to reality. We already know from Audi the naturally aspirated V8 4.2-liter engine of the previous model is going to be dropped. Instead, the engineers from Ingolstadt are going to install a smaller turbocharged engine, possibly a six-cylinder, but details regarding displacement and output figures are not available at this point.

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Audi just took the wraps off the A4 in both sedan and wagon flavors, so we estimate the RS4 will be out sometime in 2017, following next  year’s introduction of the warm S4 version.

via X-Tomi Design

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