Audi RS4 Avant caught testing – Looks great

We’ve been talking about the upcoming B9 Audi RS4 for some time now, with rumors swirling about what kind of engine it might use and if will will ever make its way ‘Stateside.

At the moment, it seems as if Audi will be going back to a twin-turbocharged V6 approach, as it used back with the B5 RS4, but there’s rumors as to whether or not one of those turbochargers will be electrically powered. An electric turbocharger would mean a second lithium-ion battery mounted in the rear of the car which would spool the turbocharger up on its own, thus allowing it to create boost from zero RPM, giving the RS4 even more low-end torque. So while the new RS4 will likely have a smaller V6 engine, compared to the current-gen’s 4.2 liter V8, it should be more powerful and faster in the real world.

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Audi RS4 Avant Spy Shot - Autoblog
Audi RS4 Avant Spy Shot – Autoblog

Another debate is whether or not the upcoming RS4 will make it to North America. To be honest, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the RS4 cross the Atlantic. However, if it does make it to US and Canadian soil, it will almost certainly be in sedan form only. The Audi RS4 Avant will be the only model right out of the gate in Europe, as it’s the most sought after model. But, while enthusiasts would prefer the Avant variant to make its way over here, that’s almost an impossibility as Americans simply don’t buy wagons. However, I think we’ll all be happy enough with a sedan just so long as we Americans can get a new RS4 on our home soil.

Well, Autoblog has spotted the B9 Audi RS4 testing in Germany and it looks very good. The upcoming B9 Audi A4 looks great as it is. Add the flared wheel arches, lowered suspension, more aggressive 3D grill and the big wheels and the new RS4 looks absolutely fantastic. It look mean and menacing without being too flashy. It could still be a bit of a sleeper. With not much, aside from the wheels and quad-exhaust pipes to give its power away, the RS4 Avant doesn’t look all that different from the standard A4 Avant, and that’s a very good thing.

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Hopefully, Audi will be kind enough to give us ‘Mericans a taste of what the RS4 can bring, but that has yet to be seen. This new RS4 looks excellent, especially in Avant form. While we would be happy with the RS4 just making it to our shores, please Audi, pretty please, bring us the RS4 Avant.

[Source: Autoblog]
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