Audi RS4 Avant Advert Pulled by Audi, Public Apology Made

Audi recently released an advertisement for the RS4 Avant, showing a picture of a parked Audi RS4 Avant with a little girl standing in front of the car eating a banana. That ad seems to have drawn the ire of a large portion of the public, causing Audi to not only pull the ad but make a public apology.


According to many viewers, the ad is problematic for two reasons; one of which is that it’s overly provocative and the other is that it doesn’t seem very safe.


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To further explain the first point, critics of the ad claim that the imagery used is sexually provocative. For starters, she’s leaning on a red car — often a symbol of male lust — and eating a banana — a common phallic symbol. She’s also wearing a leopard print skirt, which is often another sexualized symbol. So there were many viewers that felt the ad was inappropriate and off-base.


The other point was made due to the girl standing in front of the car, out of the the driver’s vision. So if the driver were to start the car and take off right then and there, they could run her over.

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Obviously, it wasn’t Audi’s intention to sexualize a young girl. That’s not only incredibly wrong but it’s stupid. Audi also didn’t believe it seemed dangerous for the little girl to stand in front of parked car, which was almost certainly turned off, for the ad. However, many people felt that way and let Audi know about it.


So the Ingolstadt-based brand issued an apology and took the ad down.

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