Car Magazine Tests Out the Audi RS3’s New Torque Splitter

Audis and tire smoke never really went together. Typically, you don’t get tire smoke from understeer, so Audis were never the choice for anyone wanting big burnouts or smokey drifts. The four-ringed brand decided to change that recently, with the introduction of the new Audi RS3, which is fitted with a trick differential specifically designed for big skids and, in this new review from Car Magazine we get to learn how it works.


It’s called the Torque Splitter and it’s all-new to the Audi brand. It’s essentially a very trick rear differential that can send up to 100 percent of engine power to the rear wheels. In what Audi calls “Torque Rear” mode, not only will it send 100 percent of power to the back axle but to just one of the rear wheels, to help drift the car around. It’s also smart enough to know when you’re drifting and will send the power back and forth between the rear wheels as needed, to help hold the slide.

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According to Car Magazine, the Torque Rear mode is surprisingly effective. It might not feel as natural to drift as something like a BMW M3 but it’s still fully capable of big skids, which is unusual for an Audi. Is it a bit gimmicky? Of course but it works well and it’s fun, so all is forgive. Plus, the incongruity of seeing a small Audi pull off long, smokey drifts is great.


It’s also pretty easy to use, as Car Mag explains. So if you’re an Audi RS3 owner that wants to show off to your friends, and you’re in a safe space to do so, the RS3 will let you do so with ease. It might not be as good as a proper rear-wheel drive car but it’s as close as a front-drive Audi will ever get.

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[Source: Car Magazine]
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