Audi RS3 to drop at Frankfurt?

Rumors have been swirling for months that Audi was getting ready to make its hottest version yet of the A3 hatchback. Many saw a supposed test mule of the RS3 slamming around the the Nurburgring within the last few months. Other rumors were that an RS3 with be powered by the same turbocharged inline-5 cylinder engine that is hiding under the hood of the recently-released TTRS. None of the rumors could really be confirmed though as to whether or not the world would get super hot hatchback from Ingoldstadt.

That is – until now.


In an apparent lapse in judgement or even perhaps as a marketing ploy, a twitterer out of the Audi dealership in Cape Town, South Africa blurted out to the world that :

“Looking forward to the unveiling of the Audi RS3. 2.5L 5-cylinder turbocharged engine 4WD & 335BHP. See it at Frankfurt Motorshow.”

So, for us, that settles it that we can plan on seeing the RS3 drop within the next two weeks( assuming Audi doesn’t decide to debut the car early in light of this slip up) at the Frankfurt Motorshow. We’ll also be keeping an eye out for the electric Audi set to debut at the same show! Also, sorry sports fans, but we’re not expecting the RS3 to come stateside, especially in light of the S4 wagon being cut from the U.S. line-up for 2010.

(Source: Jalopnik via GermanCarBlog)